A Beginner’s First Time Experience: Bikram Yoga

yoga_2A Beginner’s First Time Experience: Bikram Yoga 

This is the first time I have ever attempted any form of yoga, let alone Bikram! I was slightly nervous and excited to begin the class. As soon as I pulled up to the Studio, my mind was put at ease. I received a warm greeting from Kathy, the full time instructor who gave me a tour of the studio and shared with me about the class and what to expect. 
I walked into a large, wooden studio with huge floor-to-ceiling windows. The morning light was shining in, bouncing across the healing crystals that were thoughtfully placed throughout the studio. Since I was the first of the students to arrive, I took a few moments to soak it all in. I felt thankfulness and peace. As other students started to arrive, we all set up our towels and yoga mats: comfortably spacing ourselves apart to give each other plenty of room. Class began proptlty at 9:30 am. We began with stretches and then started working through the different Bikram poses. Kathy walked us through each pose. She guided us each and every step of the way.

It was hot and intense. I listened to my body and when things got too challenging, I would just take a break for a few minutes and then continue. My muscles were loosening up and it felt so good to stretch them! We continued to work through the different poses and postures for a duration of about an hour and forty five minutes.

Some of the poses were difficult for me to do. So I would try my best, then rest and try again. I looked around the room at the other students and felt encouraged. There was a variety different levels from beginner/intermediate to advanced students. I liked how there was a wide range and I felt totally comfortable. We continued with the session for what felt like a very long time and then finished with some slow paced cool down stretches. It felt so good to lie down on your mat, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Kathy was a wonderful instructor. For most of the class she guided us through steps and from time to time she would assist students with more difficult poses. She was sweet and very knowledgeable. 

Overall I would say my experience was wonderful! Challenging, yet after the class I felt relaxed and I certainly had gotten a great workout! I highly recommend signing up for classes and I am looking forward to my next class with Kathy at Winds of Change Studio! 

A few tips to my fellow yogis:
Drink plenty of water before the class and bring water and lots of it. 
Make sure you are in cool, comfortable clothing
Bring an extra towel along with your mat so you can dry off because you will sweat…..a lot. 
I am happy I came early. It gave me time to set up and take a look around
Most importantly….relax. We are all in this together and after your first class, you will feel right at home!

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All Photography: Christie Lanzilotti Photography

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  • Beginners Welcome!

    What to Bring

    • Yoga Mat
    • Beach Towel
    • Bottled Water
    • Comfortable Clothes
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  • Helpful Tips

    Hydrate! Drink plenty of water before class

    Wear cool, comfortable clothing such as biking or running shorts and fitted tank tops or sports bras.

    Don't take class on a full stomach. Eat a light snack, if needed, before class, but nothing too heavy.

    Come at least 20 minutes early before your first class for registration.

    Don't be nervous. Most new students feel a little intimidated, but after only a few classes you'll feel right at home.

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    Bikram Yoga Cleveland
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  • Beginners Welcome!

    What to Bring

    • Yoga Mat
    • Beach Towel
    • Bottled Water
    • Comfortable Clothes
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